Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Power Suit

I occasionally have the privilege of giving a ride to an older woman in my church.  She (like my mother) does not drive and although our public transportation in the DC area is fantastic, it does not run frequently enough on Sunday mornings to get her there on time.

She knows that I own a store and we sometime talk about clothing and fashion.  On a recent drive, I complimented her on her beautiful suit.  She thanked me and said "I love it when I feel like I look great in something and it looks good on me!  It reminds me of the power suits I would wear when I worked!  You know, there were some days that you just had to look really good!"

I loved her comment and was heartened that my female predecessors in the workplace also considered their favorite outfits "Power Suits."  And it made me think about how I define a Power Suit!

  1. It has to be comfortable.  There is nothing worse than wearing something too loose/too tight/too fussy.
  2. It has to be appropriate.  Leave the too short/too cleavage revealing/too informal at home.  (Well, unless you are in an line of work where that is appropriate.  Let's leave it at that.)
  3. It should be stylish but not distract from YOU.  People should be talking about you and your substance!  Not what you are wearing.
  4. When in doubt, try it out!  A few years ago, I had a major talk to give in front of over 400 people.  I not only selected my outfit several days in advance, but I practiced at home walking in it and giving my speech!
Tell me more about the clothing you wear when you want to make a great impression!  What is your "Power Suit?"

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