Sunday, November 24, 2013

Tis the Season for a Holiday Party

Good friends step in when they know you need help.  And my dear friends Sally and Jamie of The Style Lobby noticed that Zoe's blog was, well, not very bloggy lately.  When they asked if I'd like for them to do a guest post for me, I think I said "Yes" before they even finished the question!  Jamie styled some of Zoe's favorite holiday pieces and Sally applied her excellent photography skills.  I may turn over Zoe's blog to them full time! :)  Read on:

It’s nearly that time of year again. I love the excitement of upcoming holiday parties, but I’m usually longing for a night at home by the fire place by mid-December. Part of the stress comes from uncertainty over what to wear, so it helps if I have a few pieces in my wardrobe to make at least that part easy.

A few years ago, I had a friend who was invited to the White House Christmas Party. She was looking for something to wear, but any of the more formal dresses I could loan her were sleeveless, and she needed something with sleeves for the party.  (Knowing Mrs. Obama’s penchant for baring her buff arms, I wonder if that restriction went out with the previous administration.)  This Renee Arnez dress would fit the bill perfectly—completely covered up but still alluring and beautiful. Better than that, it was on the sale rack! (I’m not entirely sure it will still be on the sale rack, I’m thinking I might need to own this one!)  Even though it’s a fairly simple black dress, I feel like the drape of this piece is the true statement, so a small, sparkly pair of John Wind earrings was really the only accessory it needed.

Sadly, I don’t have an event requiring a floor length gown, so even though I might need this beautiful sale rack find in my closet, it’s not going to meet my holiday party needs.  I tend to choose something more versatile when I’m holiday party shopping.  While it’s totally appropriate for the office, this red Trina Turk dress has enough presence to be a standout after hours, too.  A golden Alexandra Satine clutch takes it from professional to party, and a bracelet, also from Trina Turk, and a pair of ADMK earrings add just enough sparkle.

While the red dress is a versatile party piece for someone who works in a corporate environment, I usually choose to go with separates that I can use in my (not so corporate) everyday life.  These black rosette jeans from Red Engine are a staple piece with a little added flair, and I am in love with this aubergine blouse from Rebecca Taylor.  I have a feeling that I’d have to put this one on a schedule so that I didn’t wear it all the time!  Throwing on this furry blazer from Velvet makes the outfit extra special. Finished off with some more ADMK earrings and a deep lip gloss from Haughty, I’m ready to head to the party.