Thursday, April 17, 2014

Launching a Lookbook: An Exciting Collaboration Capturing 'A Weekend in Old Town'

If you are following Zoe on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, then you have probably heard about the incredible release of the Cobblestone Runway Lookbook. If not, please take a look at “A Weekend in Old Town.” I promise you will not be disappointed by this innovative marketing project that I had the honor of working on in collaboration with several Old Town Alexandria businesses including Bishop BoutiqueThe Dog Park and Sugar House Day Spa.

I am proud that this premier Cobblestone Runway Lookbook captures not only the beauty of Old Town Alexandria, but showcases Old Town as a fashionable (and dog-friendly) destination.

Here is a little behind the scenes glimpse into what was involved in getting this Lookbook launched!

Late last Fall, Kelly, the owner of Bishop Boutique, asked if I would be interested in working with her to submit a proposal to the Alexandria Marketing Fund to do a 2014 Spring and Fall Lookbook.  Having provided clothing for the models in Bishop’s first lookbook last Spring, I knew what a beautiful end product this could be!

On March 6, Kelly and Bryarly, Bishop Boutique's Manager, presented a proposal to the Alexandria’s Marketing Fund Committee. They did a fantastic job demonstrating how their previous Lookbooks had increased sales and media coverage. The project was approved and then the REAL work began!

We wanted to release the Cobblestone Lookbook prior to Easter, so things had to happen fast! Fortunately, everyone worked easily together and Bryarly kept everything moving quickly. I would match her project management skills against almost anyone in the technology business!

Kelly and Bryarly pulled everything together in less than 5 weeks! It was an impressive testament to what happens when you work with great partners like the Sugar House Day Spa, The Morrison House, Bronzed Berry, Jackson 20, The Dog Park and Alumbra Photography (aren't her photos stunning?)

We traded lots of emails and had two in-person meetings. Trying to coordinate bloggers, dogs, venues, hair and make-up stylists and photographers is quite a juggling act, which is why we were grateful for Carlis of Spicy Candy who helped tremendously with blogger coordination. We looked for bloggers who fit the personalities of our stores and would have lots of fun with our pup focused theme.

Wendy of Old Town Home

Bryarly of Everything That Flickers

Tammy of A Loyal Love

Rachel of My Fair Vanity

As you can see, we made some great choices with Wendy of Old Town Home, Tammy of A Loyal Love, Rachel of My Fair Vanity and Bryarly of Everything That FlickersThe models picked their outfits at Zoe first and then went to Bishop to add shoes and accessories. We had no set agenda with what they wore - we wanted them to feel comfortable and beautiful (and they were)!

Anna of The Dog Park was instrumental in finding the perfect dogs for the shoot. We also wanted to include adoptable dogs and she worked with a contact to get those cuties included as well. 

The Cobblestone Lookbook truly is a work of art. Please check it out and share this piece of #ExtraordinaryALX!

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