Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Miscellaneous File

Every so often, interesting things happen that don't necessarily lend themselves to a full blog post.  But they are just too good not to share.  This is going to be one of those "Odds & Ends" posts.

1) In April, I had a shipment of a Zoe item to Japan!  That was my second international shipment (I had a shipment to Ireland last Fall).  I am always a nervous wreck when I'm shipping something overseas - I check the delivery status every day until I can see it has arrived safely.  I am probably more anxious because the postal clerk always seems so annoyed at having to deal with the customs forms (and I arrive with everything already filled out and ready to go) that I'm afraid he/she is just going to stomp on the package and throw it in a trash bin.

2) The Peace Lily that my landlord sent me last year on Zoe's opening day is still alive.  I personally find this impressive because I do not have a good history with plants.  When I proudly announced this achievement recently, someone reminded me that Peace Lilies are hard to kill.  Well, if anyone can kill a plant, I can.  So I take this as a small victory.  I do (usually) remember to water it and I occasionally even remove dead leaves.

3) In my continuing joy at living vicariously through my customers, I recently got to dress a woman going to the Kentucky Derby this weekend.

4) Thanks to friends Janice and Karen of Semper Stylish, I was able to add to my collection of hat boxes in the store.  I got the gorgeous Woodies hat box (pictured below) and a John Wannamaker's box (Philadelphia department store).

5) I have set up a Zoe Boutique page on Google+.   I can't say that I'm totally convinced that this is worth the time or energy to maintain but I'm finding that many of the brands I carry have Google+ pages so I thought I should jump in.  I'm currently in the process of trying to figure out how I might use it in different ways from the store's Facebook page.

Next up:  The Normandy Hotel Event


  1. Can't wait to see the "new" vintage hat boxes at Zoe.

  2. The Woodies Box is already in place! It looks great!