Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I Get Some Exercise

Getting some exercise was not really the point of my excursions during the Monday of last week.  But it did end up being an added benefit (especially since I'm always despairing of time/energy to exercise). Plus I got some sun (although I must admit I'd have rather been at some nice beach than pounding the streets of DC!)

I had a lunchtime meeting with the Retail Marketing Manager of the Golden Triangle BID in DC.  I met her at her office on Connecticut Avenue and off we went on a tour of retail space in the district.  She provided me with a pre-printed map of available space as we walked the area and talked about square footage and availability dates.  Obviously, even for a venture as temporary as a pop-up shop, I have anxieties about finding my way through doing business in the District.  But having someone like Andi in the Retail Marketing Manager role is a BIG plus.  She has prior experience in the office of economic development in DC and knows the ins and outs of what it takes to do business in the city.

I've learned quite a bit in my two years as a tenant (both from a looking for space standpoint and occupying the space standpoint) so I had lots of questions!  Especially as they related to legal requirements and space modifications.  She expertly handled them and confirmed she would get answers to my remaining questions.  Having worked in that area previously on two separate occasions, I knew how busy it could be at any time of day!    Lots to think about but it was a great educational experience for me.

That afternoon, I met a different rep to walk developing space in Northern Virginia.  The plans that they have for this space - oh my!  I think if Zoe were just a bit more mature this would be a great fit for expansion.  The tenant mix, the focus on quality, the dedication to success is outstanding.  And I did get contact information for two great brokers (female) that specialize in retail that I can work with for future lease negotiations, either at this site or other locations.  It is really exciting to consider the possibilities.  My little girl IS growing up! :)

Next up:  Continuing to Get The Word Out

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