Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Photography Fun with Sally

It is not unusual for me to be asked if I have any promotional photos of me and the store, especially when I am working with print and online media.  I am ashamed to say that I really didn't have much of anything with the exception of some outside shots of the signs/windows.  I was tired of sharing the same shots over and over again that really didn't provide any of the personality of me and the store.  The closest that I've had recently is the picture used for The Scout Guide. (which I loved!)

For several years, I've been following my friend Sally's photography blog - Sally Brewer Photography. I've seen the amazing pictures she has taken of strangers (to me) and mutual friends and seen her skill at photographing even the most fussy baby or rambunctious children.  Each photo looks fun, genuine, and real.  I had secretly wanted photos of me and Jim but always felt that I didn't look good, was too tired, didn't have time.

Sally uses the beauty of Old Town Alexandria as the backdrop for many of her photos and she always stops in to say "Hi" to me if she has a few moments before or after a session!  When I finally felt "it was time" to get the promotional photos done, there was no doubt in my mind as to who to call!

We agreed that a Monday evening in July was a great time to do the shoot - partially since I have the day off on Mondays (to give me time to look nice!) and to take advantage of the evening light at this time of year.  We got started promptly at 6 pm with some interior shots at Zoe.  (Everything I'm wearing with the exception of the shoes is from the store).

While I was initially a bit shy, Sally makes it easy to warm up and have fun with the camera.  No shot feels posed (you know the feeling - tilt your head at some bizarre angle with your chin up).  We laughed and talked as we went about the shoot and soon found ourselves outside in the blocks around Zoe.

As she took photos, Sally explained why each background she chose was great for pictures.  If you've never been to the area around my store (or, if you have and haven't really looked at the gorgeous bricks, charming doorways, and enticing staircases) then I highly recommend just taking a stroll around to enjoy.

Just as we were finishing up with my portion of the shoot, Jim arrived and we took a few more shots with the two of us in my "Owner of Zoe" outfit.  A quick change for me to a more fun Rebecca Taylor dress and we were off on our couples photo shoot.

The pictures are all so good that I am struggling to choose what to purchase!  I would guess that between the two shoots, Sally probably captured images on 6 memory cards!  Thank goodness for her expert editing to select the best of the best.  She took an event that could have been stressful and mundane and made it the highlight of my week!  And now when someone asks, I'll have the perfect image(s) to provide to them.

It can be hard sometimes to realize how very intertwined the store and business are with my own persona.  Putting myself "out there" doesn't come natural to me although I'm learning to be more comfortable with it all the time.  So it is important that the pictures are a natural reflection.  I could not have asked for a more perfect experience.

Sally had shared this picture of me on her Business Facebook page so I am going to share it with you here.  We were talking and laughing and I felt she caught the joy that I feel when I think about and talk about Zoe.

I'm wearing a Yoana Baraschi Blazer and Skirt, a Katie Bartels necklace, and a Chan Luu Wrap Bracelet and Cami.

Next up:  I Get Some Exercise (and tour DC and suburban VA)


  1. You look great in the picture - can't wait to see more of them.

  2. I agree with Karen - you look terrific. Looking forward to seeing more!