Thursday, July 12, 2012

Planning for FNO Alexandria

I was so excited to learn that Alexandria was going to be an official participant in Fashions Night Out (FNO) this year!  If you remember my blog post from last September, I had a Fall Open House on the night of Fashions Night Out last year.  Yes, that was the night we got 100 inches of rain (slight exaggeration).  Needless to say, I was so grateful for the friends who did come out to shop, eat cupcakes and drink champagne with me!  (And even more happy that none of them came to any harm on their trips home!)

But, as with anything, if you can be part of a bigger event rather than going it alone, the likelihood of success is much greater.  The fact that the City and the Alexandria Convention and Visitors Association is fully behind the effort is fantastic!  They (along with a strong Host Committee) have already created a website, Facebook page, and Twitter feed as well as provided a marketing plan.

But what to plan for Zoe's participation?  I learned a great deal from last year's experience (as much what NOT to do as what TO do!) and had also spent time studying what some of my designers and other stores had done in past years.  Yet I was continuing to experience that lack of creative spark - that aha moment that gave me the perfect idea.  And time was ticking on submitting our plans for the media work that is to begin soon.  It was time for a creative boost!

Through Meagan, the designer of ADMK Jewelry, I had met Jenn Barton, who heads up The Medestrian LLC.   Her organization focuses on fashion marketing and events and I contacted her to see if she could help me brainstorm the perfect idea!  When Jenn met me at the store on a recent Monday morning, she had done her homework.  She had perused this blog and has been a regular follower of Zoe's social media updates and email blasts.  She already had a good feel for the store's focus and personality which made our brainstorming session even easier!

Not only did Jenn help me come up with great ideas for the event but she also helped to reinvigorate my creative juices!  Her upbeat, positive personality was just what I needed!  So mark the evening of September 6th on your calendars!  Zoe will be treating you to Prosecco and Cake Pops, some fabulous giveaways, a look at all the Fall fashions, gift bags, and photos from Sally Brewer Photography!  I can't wait!

Next up:  A Derecho?  What is That?

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