Monday, September 12, 2011

Rain, Rain Go Away

I was chanting the words to this old nursery rhyme every day during our horrendous 4 days of rain last week.  The personal side of me finds rainy days calming and peaceful.  The businesswoman side of me can't stand them!

When I looked at the weather forecast on Labor Day and it said rain through Friday, I thought surely they had to be mistaken.  We'd just finished with the rains from Hurricane Irene the week before.   Weren't we "done" for a while?

Tuesday wasn't quite as bad.  I had started planning Zoe's Fall Open House over the weekend and the rainy day gave me time to finalize the schedule, determine the sale items, prepare the computer system, and send the email announcement.

Wednesday was a little worse.  I did get one bright spot in the day when my favorite Connection Newspapers photographer, Louise, arrived to take some pictures at Zoe for their weekly "Talk of the Town" feature on Fall Fashion.  Working with her and picking the items to be photographed was a nice break in a very quiet day.  I did have a woman come in who had been walking her dog in the rain.  I am always very welcoming of dogs at Zoe but I had to politely ask her is she had a towel and, if so, would she dry off her dog?  I could just see the dog shaking off the water from his coat all over the new Fall clothes!

Other favorite moment on Wednesday - a small sparrow came into the store (I don't blame the bird, probably wanted out of the rain!)  But, a very funny chase ensued as I tried to shoo my new tenant back out the door.  After about 5 minutes, the sparrow finally found the door again and departed.

Best attitude of the rainy week has to go to UPS Deliveryman Freddie.  He dropped two boxes off for me as he dragged a dolly up two sets of stairs to my landlord's space.  I told him that I hated that he had to be out in the weather.  He had a smile on his face and said "I already know I'm not going to be dry today so I might as well just enjoy it!"

We did get a short reprieve on Thursday and a few people ventured out.  I felt most sorry for the woman who came in my shop who had been visiting from Ft. Lauderdale.  She had traveled with her husband on Monday evening (he had a business meeting in DC).  She had not really been out of her hotel room the whole time due to the rain because she didn't have a car and had planned to walk everywhere!

The mini-cupcakes and champagne arrived for the Open House and I had Zoe ready to go.  Previous customer Carol and her husband Rob stopped by on their way home from National Airport to do some Fall shopping.  Just as they finished their selections and departed at shortly after 4 pm, it started to rain. Hard.  It got darker and worse as the evening went on.

Friends Mike and Maggie braved the rain to come to the Open House (afterward, it took them an hour to get home after all the flooding).  And friends Janice and Karen and their husbands came (risking life and limb driving up the GW Parkway from the Mt. Vernon area)!  Thankfully, everyone ate some cupcakes!

One customer and local resident told me that she was on her way (walking) when it started raining so hard that she had to turn around and go home!  I'll probably reschedule the event for another evening later in the month.  I don't want to complain too much.  Yes, I was disappointed but other than being inconvenienced driving home that evening, I did not experience any flooding at home or at Zoe.  Many other people in our area were not so fortunate.  Hopefully the money that Zoe will donate to the American Red Cross (the charity recipient for the evening) will help some of those people.

Friday, it was pouring again but finally stopped around lunchtime.  What was that warm, bright thing in the sky that we hadn't seen for so long???

Next:  Spring 2012 Fashion Shows (Don't Shoot the Messenger)


  1. So glad that warm, bright thing in the sky finally came out! Also glad that you did not have any flooding at home or at Zoe!
    Wish I was closer so that I could have come to your Open House - one of these days...
    Debbie Barker

  2. How much do I love your UPS man? What a great attitude!

    Hmmm, sounds like you might need to keep a towel in the store for wet dogs / kids / customers!

  3. Thanks for all of the good wishes, Debbie! I do hope you'll get to see the store sometime!

    Juice, I like the towel idea. I have other "emergency" sorts of things in my storage room but don't have at towel.