Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Extreme Shopping

There are shoppers and then there are extreme shoppers.  When I shopped elsewhere prior to Zoe, I don't think I ever fell into the "extreme shopper" category.  My shopping went one of two ways - I would go for a major shopping trip once per season.  Or I would order things on an occasional basis whenever I got a chance to catch up on my huge stack of catalogues at home.  When we went on vacation, I tried to buy something at a local boutique that would be different from anything I could find in the DC area and would also be a nice reminder of my trip.

Last Friday, I was working with some customers visiting from Houston when Zoe's phone rang.  Unless there is something very serious going on in life, I don't turn my attention away from customers in the store to answer the phone.  After they had departed, I checked the Caller ID and noticed the call was from Los Angeles and the caller had left a message.  Many of the designers I work with are based in Southern California so I thought it was likely a call from one of them.

Imagine my surprise when the message was from a production company in LA.  They were calling local boutiques to ask if we knew anyone we would classify as "extreme shoppers".  They are in the process of casting for a Reality Series on Extreme Shoppers (Remember you heard it here first!)  Their qualifications:

  • Is your closet filled to the max?
  • Do you spend the majority of your time shopping in stores, adding to your shoe collection, and expanding your wardrobe?
  • Do you have an un-matched style all your own?
  • Do you have GREAT taste and a passion for acquiring new finds?
  • Do you spend lots of money, time, and energy shopping?
  • Is shopping more than simply a hobby for you?
  • If you or someone you know embodies the phrase "shop till you drop" we want to meet you!
I just had to call them back out of sheer curiosity.  I spoke to the casting agent and then he emailed me the flyer with the qualifications I listed above.  I can't say that I know anyone who fits those qualifications but if you do (and have a desire for your 15 minutes of fame), let me know and I'll be glad to share the information with you.  (And, hey, come do a little of that extreme shopping at Zoe!)

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