Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Two Mondays, Two Trips

September has been a very busy month for Zoe in terms of planning for Spring 2012.  On Monday, September 19th, I took the train to NY for Coterie, which is a very large Apparel market held at the Javits Convention Center.  Because the show is SO busy and I needed to take the time to see each of the lines I carry in the store, I did not get through all of my vendors prior to coming home.  So on Monday, September 26th, I made the trip to NY again to meet with some of Zoe's suppliers in their showrooms.

The first trip (to Coterie) followed the same pattern as my other market visits to NY.  I was so busy I didn't even have time to eat a proper lunch, snacking on Diet Coke and a Luna bar while I reviewed Issa London's Spring line.  My sincerest apologies to my friend Renee, who wanted me to have a picture taken in the outfit I wore to the market.  I do not have a picture but I did get kudos from several of the exhibitors on my outfit so I must have hit the NY look just right this time!  I wore black and red tights (perfect for the new color blocking trend), black boots, and a black 60s look dress with a wide belt at the hips.  A short trench coat kept me warm on the train and on the Fall weather walk to/from Javits.

My second trip was definitely the more fun/interesting of the two.  I took my same 5:30 am Amtrak out of Union Station and arrived perfectly on time to NY.  I had several blocks to walk to my first appointment but covered the ground quickly and had a little time to kill.  I walked over to 7th Avenue (also known as Fashion Avenue).

As I walked down the street, I passed the most adorable cupcake place I had ever seen - Baked by Melissa.  I had to go in to learn more.  They sell what I would say are truly "one bite" cupcakes in all sorts of delicious flavors.  (What more perfect thing for Fashion Avenue - a chance to get something sweet to address your sugar craving but not OD on sugar!)  I selected three little cupcakes - Tie Dye, Peanut Butter Cup, and Red Velvet (of course).  I then took them to the Starbucks across the street, got a Tall Americano and sat down to enjoy my treats.

While sitting there, I looked back across the street and saw more signs that let me know I was truly on Fashion Avenue - "Perfect Airbrush Tan", "Teeth Whitening", "Plastic Surgery" (hopefully all not done by the same firm).  What a place to play to people's insecurities...

It was soon time for me to go to the first showroom appointment.  Many of the buildings in this area (I was on 39th Street at the time) are homes to Showrooms and Fabric stores.  Each of the showrooms is so beautiful, light and airy.  Lots of room to display the clothing from the different designers but the employees are jammed into very small (unprivate) cubicles.

It was so relaxing to review the lines in the showrooms.  At the first showroom, I got to try on some items (since they tend to sample the non-runway items in my size) so I could get a perspective for fit.  I spent two hours there and also got to see the other lines that they represent.

From there, it was just a few blocks walk to the Chan Luu Showroom on Broadway.  Walking there, I passed the beautiful Fashion District sculpture - a button with a needle through it!

The Chan Luu Showroom is on the Penthouse level of their building.  While there, I looked at Spring 2012 Ready to Wear, Scarves, and Wrap Bracelets.  The views from their windows were amazing!  I took this shot of the Empire State Building.

It was briefly cloudy at the time I took the shot but the day itself ended up being warm and beautiful.

One of the things that fascinated me as I walked back toward Penn Station via 39th Street were the many, many fabric stores.  Their windows were bright with displays of bolts of fabric, trim, and buttons.  And they all looked busy.

As far as fashion this time around, I wanted to wear items from the showrooms that I would be visiting. I wore my midnight blue Velvet Winnah Dress with my Chan Luu Doeskin long cardigan over it (to stay warm on the train).  Both showrooms were pleased that I was wearing their clothing!

Another very long day but successful and satisfying!

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  1. Jealous of your NYC trip. Sounds fun and productive.