Monday, September 5, 2011

Real Life Models

It is hard for me to believe that Zoe will have been open for 5 months as of tomorrow!  That time has passed so quickly and I have the opportunity to meet some wonderful women!

Recently, I've had the delightful experience of having repeat customers come into my store wearing something they bought at Zoe!  In just the past week, I've had 5 different customers come into the store to show me how they were wearing their Zoe find.  What a fun and exciting part of my job!

It is also wonderful when they tell me where they've worn something (and compliments they've gotten on it), that their husband likes it (always a big plus), that it is the most functional piece in their wardrobe, or that they can't wait for me to get more from a particular designer!  Friend Stacy recently pointed out that the Rebecca Taylor top that she had purchased at Zoe was also worn by the host of Food Network Star on a recent show.

Since it is Labor Day, I had to compare those kinds of comments and reactions to comments I got in my old job.  One of my favorites - "Thank you so much for setting it up so that we can use the Fixed Asset system from home."  Truthfully, as pleased as I was to implement something that made life easier for someone, it just doesn't create the same feeling as someone telling you "I wore the dress I bought here to a wedding and couldn't count the number of compliments I received!"

I'm continuing to focus on selecting beautiful pieces for women's wardrobes.  Coming up - Spring 2012 Fashion Shows (this week!) and the Spring 2012 Market Visit (this month!)


  1. How nice to get such positive feedback!

  2. Juice, it is really nice! I can't quite describe the feeling when I know I've brightened someone's day!