Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Happy Ending with Comcast

Those who read the blog as I was preparing to open Zoe know that there is no love lost between me and telecommunications providers.  But, as you know, I may hold you to a high standard and get frustrated when you don't perform but I will also sing your praises if you do well.  Today, Comcast "exceeded my expectations"  (which, admittedly, are pretty low to begin with).

Around 11:30, I realized that Zoe's email synchronization was failing.  When I tried to access Google, Safari froze.  Hmmm...not normally problems I have with my Apple OS, email, and browser.  I walked back to look in the office and saw that the lights on both the phone and internet modems were not lit up in their normal Christmas tree fashion.  Oh no.  I picked up my phone - dead!

Using the tiny screen on my iPhone, I found the Comcast website and started the call process, absolutely cringing each time I had to press "1" or "#".  After about 3 minutes of navigating the phone tree, I was connected with one of the nicest customer service representatives I've ever encountered.  She was pleasant, upbeat, competent and informative.  She told me that my area was experiencing an outage that was affecting both phone and internet connectivity.  She gave me the main ticket number for the outage and attached my ticket to it.  She said they would work on it as quickly as they could.  I was shocked that I didn't get transferred, put on hold, or hung up on!

I called my landlord to let him know because I knew that they had their DR internet connection via Comcast.  He said they would have their IT person check to see if they were also having problems (it turns out they were too).

As you know from previous Internet fun at Zoe, I have to have a way to process credit cards when I don't have internet connectivity.  I started putting those measures into place in case the delay was a long one.

Within an hour, the problem had been resolved.  I happened to walk back to my office to drop something in my file cabinet and saw the modem lights shining brightly!  I quickly checked both phone and internet connectivity and found no issues!  Happy Happy Joy Joy!  The only "slight" black mark against Comcast was that the rep had said that an automated voice system would call me when the outage was fixed but I never got a call.  I guess I'll forgive them this time.

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