Friday, September 2, 2011

I Wish I Could

I have made it through summer almost flawlessly, not wishing for vacation.  My friends have been wonderful, scheduling things for Mondays (my day off) or before/after my work day.  I haven't had to feel left out or an extreme desire to do something I can't do right now.

I should have known that the start of College Football season would be my undoing.  Those who know me know that this is one of my favorite times of the year.  Despite the cloud hanging over the major collegiate sports in general, there is not much more delightful than a Saturday afternoon/evening in a college town on campus for a game.

On Saturday evening, my two alma maters are playing in Charlottesville.  I had my first real feeling of "I wish I could" when I got an invitation from the development office at UVA to sit in the Commerce School box to watch the Cavaliers play William & Mary.  In the past, I would have said "Yes" in a heartbeat.  For now, I have to decline.  Hopefully next year!

I've been thinking of ways I might incorporate college football into my Saturdays here at the store.  (Besides occasionally peeking at the scores!)  Maybe a rivalry day?  A conference day?  A State School day?  We'll see what I come up with!  I don't want to discriminate against the basketball schools either!

Talking about College Football does allow me to post a gratuitous picture of my University of Georgia family with Russ the Bulldog (substituting for the next UGA).  Go Dawgs!  Go Zoe!


  1. So sorry you had to miss the UVA game! I guess a widescreen television and a keg doesn't really fit into Zoe's look does it? But the men would like it! Maybe you need an area in the store for boyfriends and spouses in addition to the toys for children :)

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  3. Thanks, Polly and Fiona! If the City would let me put in a beverage refrigerator next to the "man chair", I think I'd be set! :)

  4. Great picture!

    I'm sure it is hard to work when you would rather be at a football game.

  5. Thanks, Renee! You know how I adore my Georgia family!

    It is hard to work but I know that the passion and dedication will pay off in the end. There will always be more football games!