Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pop-up Shop

Have you ever been to a Pop-up shop?  You may have and just not realized it!  Any store that opens in a spot temporarily (such as the calendar stores or the Halloween costume stores) qualifies as a pop-up shop.  Even the fireworks trailers in your local supermarket parking lot could probably count as a pop-up shop!

The nice thing about a pop-up shop is that it exists in a spot for a short and (typically) defined amount of time.  It can allow a seller to focus on selling a particular set of items, test a new market, or introduce a brand to a new set of consumers.  I could say that Zoe has done pop-up shops a few times - at the Country Day School market last Fall, at the Warehouse Sale in February, and at the Normandy Hotel in May!

Earlier this month, a representative from the Golden Triangle Business Improvement District (BID) stopped in to see me at the store and tell me more about the focus on retail development in the area.  This was especially interesting to me because a company that I once worked for was very actively involved in founding and initially providing leadership to the BID when it was founded in 1997!  I remember hearing about the strategies at a department meeting that year and thinking it was a great idea!

Having been a "lunchtime shopper" in this area, I know how many people are out and about during the week day!

On Monday, I'm going to meet the Retail Marketing Manager at lunchtime to walk the district and talk about potential opportunities for Zoe.  While I'm still working hard to introduce the store to the Northern Virginia locals (I still frequently get the "Are you new?" question!), the possibilities available for a short term pop-up shop are intriguing!  I'll be sure to update you on my meeting!

Next up:  Christmas in July - Year Two

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