Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Saying Goodbye: Q&A with Jim (Susan's Husband)

Susan's husband Jim chimes in with his own special Q&A on the blog today. Did you know that he has one other appearance on the blog?  He subjected himself to an interview after accompanying Susan on a buying trip to NYC last year!

Q. You were responsible for Susan creating Zoe – why did you think this would be a great fit for her?
Based on Susan’s very diverse background in business, technology and love for fashion, I felt she would be a perfect small business owner. She became excited when we first discussed the idea of a clothing boutique.

Q. What’s the most beautiful item that you’ve ever seen at Zoe?
That’s a tough one! The Kathlin Argiro wrap dresses, Rebecca Taylor tops and Katie Bartels jewelry are all very beautiful.

Q.What’s your favorite Zoe item that has made it to Susan’s closet?
Her red Rebecca Taylor Summer Floral top and white Red Engine jeans.

Q. What is the craziest thing (that you are aware of) that ever happened at Zoe?
Hearing about the “professor” exchanging water squirts with the bike riders, one unfortunate rest room incident and the rescue squad visit.

Q. What is your favorite Zoe event?
The Warehouse Sale. Seeing all of the other shop owners working hard to sell things at the Masonic Temple is a great idea. Everyone seems so excited before, during and after that event.

Q. Has Zoe changed Susan? If so, how?
Susan has found a new resource for friends and business contacts that she may not have been exposed to prior to opening Zoe. The designers, customer reps, vendors and customers all have touched Susan in one form or another. The “shop local” mantra is very important to Susan.

Q. What was one thing you didn’t know about retail that you’ve learned since Susan opened Zoe?
I had no clue about how the fashion world worked and remain amazed that the clothing designs must be purchased two seasons ahead.

Q. What do you think of when you see Zoe Pink?
The reusable Zoe shopping bag with the distinctive “Z” and Zoe girl logo.

Q. How do you feel about Susan closing the store?
I am sad but must remain realistic about the decision to close Zoe after Susan has invested so much time and effort in the store. Running a business and working a full time technology job is very demanding. I’m hoping Susan can enjoy some time to relax.

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