Monday, August 8, 2011

Road Trip to Richmond

Zoe gets to go on a road trip two Mondays in a row!  First to NYC last Monday and to Richmond today.

I've actually needed to go to Richmond for several weeks but could not seem to make the trip fit into my Monday off schedule.  Last summer, I made the trip to Richmond to check out the Store Fixture Supercenter.   The trip was more of a reconnaissance mission at the time to help me familiarize myself with the selection and availability of items needed for a retail store.  (My friend/mentor Greer of Duo had suggested I go there).   This trip, however, had a greater purpose.

Alexandria is preparing to have their Second Annual Sidewalk Sale on Saturday, August 13th.  Zoe is very excited to participate!  But, the temporary racks that I use when I have just unpacked clothes and to stage them for steaming were NOT going to hold up for an event like this.  As you remember from earlier posts, the wind on the terrace has sent those racks tumbling.  I've been using them in the store to temporarily segregate the sale items from the Fall selections.

I needed something affordable, sturdy, adjustable, and that I could put together and take apart (and store) easily.  I started researching my options a few weeks ago and settled on the "H-rack".

I can hang clothes on both sides of it and it is substantial enough to handle all but the most violent gusts of wind.  Plus, after Saturday I can take it down and put it away until I need it again.

I got to Richmond shortly after 9 am and found the rack in the warehouse.  The office manager had the warehouse team pull one for me but it came in a large, flat box.  Knowing it wouldn't fit in my car that way, I asked if they would open the box and we could load the pieces individually.  Problem solved - the rack fit in my car with room to spare.  A trip worth taking!  On an interesting note, they are now giving a 2% discount if you pay in cash.  Had I known, I would have made sure I had enough money with me.   The laws have changed so that businesses can do this but they and one locally owned restaurant are the only two places I've seen put it into practice so far.


  1. I hope the whole day wasn't a wash out for the sidewalk sale.

  2. Renee, it did not turn out too badly. Except when I fell down trying to get the clothes in before one of the rains came. A Sidewalk Sale blog post is coming!