Sunday, August 7, 2011

Traveling Saleswoman

The Traveling Saleswoman would be Maye, who represents the Alice & Trixie line for Leib Associates based in Atlanta.  Maye came to Zoe on Saturday morning prior to opening to show me the Resort and Early Spring lines for Alice & Trixie.

I like Maye for many reasons.  I first met her in NY at Coterie in February.  I had stopped by the Alice & Trixie booth because a really gorgeous cape caught my eye.  I did not have time to sit for a showing of their line at that time but Maye remembered me and the name of the store and found me via Zoe's website about two weeks later.  She asked if she could visit me to show me their Fall line during her upcoming road trip.

As much as I wanted to see the line, things were getting very busy during March.  On the day she could come, not only was the store not ready for visitors but I also had a doctor's appointment that I really needed to keep (that had gotten canceled due to my Verizon fun earlier in the month).  I told Maye that if she could come to my house and be there at 8 am, I could see her.  Not only did she do it but she was timely and respectful of my time as well.  And their clothes were gorgeous.  I placed an order for Fall.

When Maye called me about a week before I was to make this most recent NY trip, she said that by stopping by to see me on this road trip, she could save me time in NY.  And it turned out to be the perfect solution as I had a very full day last Monday.  Once again, she was right on time at the store and we were done just before I needed to open for the day.  She is a great "no pressure" sales associate who knows her line well and lets it "speak" for itself.  She also (based on my orders and comments) is really starting to understand my customer and won't spend a lot of time on pieces that don't work for Alexandria.  I appreciate her so much for making my life a little easier.


  1. You've gotta love a good vendor! ;)

  2. Oh, I do...I do, Juice. They are that little extra sparkle in my day! :)