Thursday, March 17, 2011

Zoe Has A Floor

Another seriously WOW moment when I went for Zoe's daily inspection.  We have floors!

Love the Pergo floor!

Toward the dressing rooms.

It is still dusty - they will do a final clean of the space before we are completely done.

Carpet in the office/storage area.  You can't tell here but it has a green and oatmeal tint.

Vinyl in the Restroom

Significant things that still need to be done:
  1. Toilet/Sink/Water Fountain installed
  2. Mirrors installed
  3. Benches in Dressing Room installed
  4. Trim painted/second coat of paint
  5. Some more minor electrical finishes
I am very eager to see what they've done when I go for the construction meeting tomorrow afternoon.  And to confirm that I can move forward with all of the things I have planned beginning Saturday!

I got the news today that the Sign company will install Zoe's signs on the 29th!  I need to go to the City at the beginning of next week and get the Right of Way permit to block the sidewalk.  

This morning, I looked at a line that I may begin carrying in the Fall - Alice & Trixie.  They are known for their Silks and Prints but have some gorgeous Italian Merino Wool as well as some amazing coats.  Jim asked a great question - "Is there really an Alice & Trixie?"  In fact, the designer named the line as she did as a tribute to the heroines of the 1950s sitcom "The Honeymooners".

After a doctor's appointment, I picked up the Rebecca Taylor shipment that I had UPS hold at their depot!  That shipment and the Tracy Reese one from yesterday have been added to the Point of Sale system.

After lunch, I faxed in my set-up documents for accepting credit/debit cards at Zoe.  I've been watching the fight over the timing of the debit card charges and the arguments from the banks, retailers, and consumers.  

I am keeping a close eye on Comcast.  I was initially elated when I looked at my Zoe email this morning and had an email telling me that they were ready to run the cable and needed to access the phone close in my landlord's space.  I confirmed with them that they could (I had discussed this with the landlord as part of a general conversation on Wednesday) and provided the contact information and also offered to be onsite if needed.  I also followed up with my landlord to let him know he might be contacted.  The gentleman from Comcast sent me a note back just after 8 am to let me know that it would be taken care of today.  Unfortunately, as of 5:30 this evening, there was no evidence that Comcast had been to the landlord's space.  I hope there is a good explanation for this change in schedule.  Don't go Verizon on me!

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