Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Chop Chop!

That's what I want to say to everyone not sharing my sense of urgency!  Chop Chop - Let's Go, People!

I decided to focus on web-based items first thing this morning before meeting my friend Renee for a walk.  I uploaded Zoe's logo to the Alexandria Convention and Visitor's Bureau web page and then worked on more content for Zoe's website.  I also worked on Zoe's Facebook Page and Facebook Place - I'm hoping to find a way to merge the two so that I'm not maintaining two sites.

I do want to share Zoe's official website with my loyal, loving blog readers.  It is  I still need to get some Press coverage (so that I don't have the placeholder there!) but otherwise it is well on it's way to being what I want it to be!

This afternoon, I went to visit Zoe's home.  Not a whole lot of progress to report - I could see where they had moved two of the overhead lights and removed a brass plaque outside the door (it had been part of the museum).  Other than that, I could not discern any significant change.  I think they are going to need to be really busy tomorrow and Friday in order to finish!  I did have a UPS slip on the door so I was able to request that the hold the package at the depot until I can pick it up tomorrow!  More Rebecca Taylor tomorrow!

I then made my daily visit to City Hall to confirm the requirements for reserving parking for the delivery of Zoe's fixtures.  I also noted the numbers of the parking meters that I want to reserve.  Reservations need to be made 3 business days prior to the spaces being needed.  In my negotiations with Barr Display, we've now decided to go for a Thursday delivery so that I do not reserve the spaces (and pay the fee) for naught.

I had also been working on setting up the electric bill in Zoe's name since electric is one of the charges I pay as part of my lease.  Dominion VA Power was giving me the Verizon treatment so I called my landlord for help.  He said that he would prefer that they pay the bills and then bill me on a quarterly basis, which is fine with me.  I'm glad to have that checked off my list.

My Point of Sale provider is coming on Friday morning for our final session and to deliver my cash drawer and receipt printer.  He also put me in touch with their new credit card processor, who promised to send me the information on costs this morning.  When 5 o'clock rolled around and I hadn't gotten the email, I followed up.  Every day is precious now!

I also followed up with the Sign Company to try to set the sign installs for the week of March 28th.  Once again, the lead time with the City for the Temporary Right of Way Permit for blocking the sidewalk drives the need to be more precise with this schedule.  My contact at Affordable Signs was calling her installer and will get back to me.

And, another Tracy Reese shipment came today!  Plus we got confirmation that the City had approved some money from the Marketing Fund for the Christmas in July event for Union Street Merchants.  Save July 15 - 17 on your calendars!

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