Monday, March 28, 2011

Are You Done Yet?

Not quite....but we are getting closer!

Today was regroup and plan the week day for Zoe! One of the major milestones was getting the credit card processing set up to work with my point of sale software.  That was completed early this afternoon.  Talk about doing things "Just In Time" (a phrase/concept I hated when I worked in manufacturing)!

In a humorous way, the biggest challenge of the day was the configuration of the pricing gun.  I had used one in my previous retail jobs but had never had to install the needle or the plastic hanger tags.  I was beginning to think I was going to need a PhD in Needleology!  Finally, I got it set up correctly and did some tagging for one set of sweaters.  I've started taping the envelopes with the tags to the hangers for the items to speed up the tagging process.

Another major item was to start contacting all of my lines to let them know that I hope to open next week and to get the store information put into the "Store Locator" section of their websites.  I was also approached by a representative from M&T Bank regarding participation in their Local Merchants program - a program where they make agreements with merchants to give a small discount or incentive to those people who use their M&T Bank Visa cards at the store location.  I find I've become very popular the closer I get to opening the business!

I finally had the opportunity to open the jewelry that arrived last week.  I inventoried everything and put one set of the items into the Point of Sale system.  The custom pieces, from Aurora Radiant Glass Art, included some Ghirardelli Chocolates as an extra gift for me!  Yum!  Vendors, please note - chocolates will go a long way toward making me very pleasant toward you.  At this point Verizon and Comcast should pull up with a moving van full of chocolate to get back into my good graces.

The big event tomorrow will be the installation of Zoe's signs!  I promise to share pictures.  That event is planned for the afternoon!

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