Tuesday, March 8, 2011

And then...I was done

Verizon was fired yesterday.  I had been exceptionally patient throughout the process but finally, I was done.  And once I'm done with something, oh, I'm done.

I made sure I was ready to go in case I was early on the install list.  At one minute after 8, I called the dispatch line.  After waiting for a short while, the woman told me that a) something was missing from my order that would need to be addressed by the central office and b) the billing address still said 130 North Union Street.  She said that she would enter a "red ticket" into the system so that the central office could take care of their portion and she would transfer me to the billing office to fix the address.  She assured me that someone from dispatch would call me within an hour to let me know more about the on-site service

She transferred me to the Residential billing office, which was not what I wanted.  The gentleman there then attempted to transfer me to Commercial billing and then told me that he couldn't because they didn't open until 9 am.  Hmmm.  I knew that I had talked to the various Verizon offices as early as 8/8:30.  I thanked him and dialed one of the numbers I had and, sure enough, I was able to get through to Commercial billing and fix the address.

Knowing that I had several other things to take care of, I ran some errands and started some work at home.  No word from Verizon.  At around 10:30, I decided to call dispatch again.  The woman who I spoke to said "Oh, there is something that needs to be done at central office for you.  Let me put in a red ticket."  At that point, I was just done.  I contacted Comcast, spoke to ONE person and had made arrangements for a site survey in one transaction.  She also called me back and sent me email when she said she would.

I called Verizon and canceled the entire order.  The person on the phone didn't even seem to care.  At the end of our conversation she said "Thank you for choosing Verizon."  That, my friends, says it all.

So, enough about telecommunications!  I visited the store yesterday afternoon for my daily "site review".  Some more pictures:
Plumbing elbows!

Fire Alarm in the restroom ceiling (plus they had replaced some ceiling tiles in the space)

Yes, I am planting crops as well!

Actually, I was puzzled by the soybean seed bag until I looked inside.  They were using it to hold various nuts and washers for the plumbing installation.  Hey, I'm all about recycling so I'm glad they put the bag to a different use!

Yesterday afternoon and evening I spent learning more about the capabilities of WordPress and working on the Website content.  Having LOTS of fun using technology to be creative!

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