Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bakers Rack and More

When I told my mom that we were going to be assembling the bakers rack in the store today, she asked "Will you be selling bread?"  (she was just kidding)  Zoe Boutique and Bakery....I can't even begin to imagine what opening a restaurant in Old Town would require!

After church and lunch today, Jim and I headed to Zoe's home on our latest mission.  We took the bakers rack to be assembled, some bags and tissue paper to display in the window, the street numbers to place on the door, and the toilet paper holder/toilet paper/paper towels/tissues.  We also had some measuring to do.

Jim wanted to tackle the bakers rack first.  He did an excellent job of putting it together.

Just before we left, I fixed the Zoe Bags in the window and moved my small laminated sign to the door.  At least people will know something is coming!

We had parked down Union Street and they looked so pretty, even from a block away!

Since we've been home, I've been working on reviewing and filling out all the information required to process credit cards.  Also, getting all of my paperwork together to reserve the parking spaces for Thursday's delivery.  And reviewing the IKEA catalogue and website for some of the items that Janice and I hope to pick up on our trip there tomorrow!  Each day presents great progress!

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