Sunday, March 27, 2011

Starting to Come Together

After a stop at Home Depot to pick up the 8 ft shelves that we couldn't fit into our car yesterday, we were off for another day of work at Zoe!  Our major focus today was to get the storage room set up in such a way that I could store supplies and clothes this week.  I explained to Jim what I needed the storage area to accomplish and asked him to design it appropriately.

We made a good team installing all of those shelves!  And we've already started making good use of them! We also starting configuring the outriggers and determining what else we may need.  I emailed my contact at Barr Display with the hopes of getting the remaining items in the shipment going out tomorrow.  We also did another walkthrough to determine what punchlist items are needed to finalize the construction - fortunately, everything left is just minor.  I've contacted the Construction Project Manager with those items.  Finally, we cleaned up as best we could in preparation for the cleaning crew to come in for the final clean tomorrow.

Oh, and our favorite accomplishment - putting up the white board that had been sitting in our dining room since AUGUST of last year.  To inaugurate it, Jim wrote "Hi Zoe!" on it!

A few pictures!

Storage area

Two way racks - we put plastic on the ends (Janice's idea last week) to keep people from poking their eye out on them!

Three Way racks and wire mannequins

Starting to configure the outriggers!


  1. Showing my retail ignorance - what is an outrigger?

  2. I had never heard of it either before I got started on this adventure! The fixtures industry bases it on the philosophy of an outrigger used on a boat - it is a rigid piece used for stability. In the retail world, it is a system that uses the walls and floor for stability and allows for multiple merchandising configurations!