Thursday, March 10, 2011

The List

I've mentioned before that the process of opening Zoe is like one big IT project.  Many tasks, many resources, many dependencies, many things that can go wrong!  I've had a "list" of things in my head that still need to be done over the next three to four weeks.  Rather than try to keep them all there and risk forgetting something important, I sat down and wrote out every remaining task under each category.  Today, I need to go back through and classify them as "must do now" and "nice to do now but can wait".  I'm constantly learning new things and drawing inspirations from many sources.  And what kind of book did I use to make my list?  An Oracle book.  It takes a while to completely escape.

I had a lovely lunch with my friend Martha yesterday and had the opportunity to show her Zoe's home after our meal.  I could see where they had continued with some painting work, had done some more work on the restrooms and had received the frames for the doors.  I also had the opportunity to get a tour of the final stages of my landlord's construction by the foreman.  They will be moving into their space (in the office portion of the building) on Monday!

I received my March shipment from LiaMolly yesterday and got a call that my March Velvet shipment would be going out by the 15th.  One good thing - I'll be fully stocked when I open!  There won't be that look of "there isn't much here!"

I've been continuing work on the website before I make a public pronouncement that it is ready for prime time.   Today is one of the few days that I do not have ANYTHING formal scheduled so I look forward to getting more done here at home.


  1. I can not wait to see the website! Not much longer - I bet you are soooo anxious!
    Debbie B.

  2. Debbie - I am anxious, but in a very good way!