Saturday, March 12, 2011

Construction To Be Complete Next Friday

When I learned that Zoe's construction will be complete as of next Friday, I felt so giddy!  It is almost hard for me to believe we are almost there!  The construction meeting went well and there isn't anything of issue to address.  All of the trades are on tap to finish their work this upcoming week with the flooring being the last piece.  A couple of pictures:

Primer on the door frame to outside (finally rid of the icky yellowish color)

Doors being installed on dressing rooms.  Doors will have mirrors on the outside.  Oh, and nice pile of trash, isn't it?

The Potomac was starting to flood Prince Street - this was taken with me standing at Union and Prince.

Totally adorable picture of my niece Allison with my new nephew Caleb.  I know - nothing to do with Zoe but I love my little sweeties so much and just had to share!

Now that I know when construction will be complete, there are LOTS of things I can begin to put in motion!  Monday is going to be a BUSY day!  Are those labor pains I'm starting to feel? :)

Oh, and did you see the comment in yesterday's post?  Comcast has a group that looks at social media (Facebook, Twitter) and Blogs for mentions of Comcast and then follows up with people to address issues or to help!  I almost fainted when I saw the comment last night and initially thought it was a scam (I get some junk comments with people trying to sell me things) until I researched it.  Wow!  


  1. Can't wait for the grand opening!!

  2. Thanks, Shari! So excited to share with you!