Friday, March 18, 2011

Final Inspection - Check!

Zoe's buildout passed final inspection by the City of Alexandria today! Woo hoo!

There are a few cosmetic things left for the construction company to complete but I am able to start moving things in immediately (meaning tomorrow!)

A few pictures from the Construction Meeting this afternoon:

Outside trim painted! Zoe is no longer "John Q. Adams Center for the History of Otolaryngology"

I like this picture - it shows the mirror on the column and the reflection back into the space.

Mirrors on the dressing room door wall.  Mirrors will be installed on the dressing room doors also.

I won't bore you with any more plumbing pictures.  The walls have been closed in around the plumbing fixtures and the toilet/sink/water fountain will go in tomorrow (Saturday).

The benches will be installed in the dressing rooms as well as some shoe molding put down and some more trim painting to be done.  I cannot believe this is almost done!

It was a super busy day (in a good way, of course).  First thing this morning, the rep from my life insurance agency came by the house to delivery my supplemental life insurance policy.  Jim is very happy this is in place.  If something were to happen to me, he doesn't particularly relish running a boutique!

Just after he left, my Point of Sale software consultant arrived to delivery my cash drawer and receipt printer as well as conduct training on the sales side of the software.  The training in December had been to get me going on the inventory and purchasing piece.  He left at around 12:30, giving me time to grab a quick lunch prior to going to the construction meeting.

When I left the construction meeting, I stopped by the business post office to pick up my mail and tell them they could now stop holding it.  I will say, the Post Office has been great through all of this and they have not given me a hard time about having to re-extend the holds so many times.

Once I got home, I hit the ground running.  I gave the thumbs up to the fixtures/display company to ship on Monday.  I contacted my business insurance agent regarding the addition of the City to my liability insurance policy during the time we are putting the signs up.  I tracked down a package that was about to go awry (one of my clothing shipments) and had them send it to a FedEx location so that I could pick it up.  I called Comcast to confirm the status of the order.  My main contact told me that they had done their work and would be calling me on Monday to schedule the installation!  Still hoping they hit a home run on all of this.

I got the additional contracts and documentation to fill out in order to process credit cards and will get that back to them on Monday after I've had a chance to read through it this weekend.  There really isn't value in doing it too far in advance because a) they have to do a site visit to confirm that you are a legitimate business and b) they charge you fees during a month whether or not you process cards or not!  

And now...I'm a little tired!


  1. Take some rest! A successful woman like you deserves to relax once in a while. It really takes time to put up a business and make everything perfect and organized. At least you're not alone in this journey and you have someone to help you, especially in times of trouble. By the way, how long did it take before you got your business insurance? My friend's actually getting one for her business.

  2. Looking back, this must have been one busy day for you! I'm impressed that you've stocked up on insurance plans. You can never predict the future, but by starting yours early, you have a fallback on anything that should happen. I hope Zoe's Boutique is still going strong after all of these years! Take care!

    Steven Keltsch @ Allied Insurance Managers