Monday, March 7, 2011

Let's Try Again

Yes indeed.  Today is Verizon Day, Take 3.  I am eagerly awaiting for 8 am to roll around so that I can call the dispatch office to find out what order Zoe is in on the dispatch list.  Truthfully, I'm hoping for this morning so that we can get it over with.  Just rip the Band Aid off!

I'm also in the process of trying to figure out how to navigate Dominion Virginia Power so that the electricity can be moved into Zoe's name.  So far, their website is not helpful at all.  Lots about new construction but nothing about a meter that has been there since the 80s.  I foresee a fun series of calls in my future.  I think I'll wait until after the Verizon fun today to make that call.

I was on my way home from lunch with my friend Menachem in Crystal City when I got the call from City Hall that the sign permits were ready!  I dropped by Zoe's home to take pictures and then walked up to City Hall to get the permits.  I still have a few things left to do with the signs:

  1. Hope that the day/night temperatures remain above 40 degrees so that the construction company can paint the exterior trim.
  2. Confirm with the sign company how much lead time they need to install the signs (I followed up with them this morning to give them a status and to ask this question)
  3. Get a temporary right of way permit with the City to close the sidewalk for the installation
  4. Get the City Inspector to come out to inspect the signs once they are installed.
Would you ever have thought this would be the case?

On Saturday, I did enjoy entering the three boxes of clothing into my point of sale system.  The software also has the ability to add a picture to the item card for each item so I had fun doing that as well.

Some pictures from Friday's visit:
Exhaust fan in the restroom

Water pipes ready for installation

Prepping for the water fountain!

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