Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Annoyed Beyond Belief

Oh, you guessed it....Comcast borrowed from Verizon yesterday.  Totally and completely stood up again!

I didn't write last night because I just really couldn't find appropriate words (it is rare that I am left speechless!)  A good nights sleep is a remedy to all of that!

The day started out very well - I caught up Zoe's accounting first thing in the morning and pulled together all of the tech things I needed to take to the store (phones, computers, printer, etc.)  When I got to the store, I found that the City had already put up the notices regarding my reserved parking on Thursday.

I set up my point of sale computer and started working.  One of the finish workers came in and installed the grab bars in the restroom, moved the mirror, and did some drywall repair.  He also installed a new lock on the front door.  The glass people came in to measure for the mirrors to be placed on the dressing room doors.  My insurance company called to let me know that the certificate of insurance that I need to show to the City was ready.  So good!

When the time reached almost 2 pm (my window with Comcast was from 11 - 2).  I gave Comcast a call.  They said that the installer was running late and I would receive a credit on my first month's bill for them missing their window.  The person I spoke with said that their dispatcher would call me to give me an ETA.

Then, it was 3:30 - no call.  I called again and was told that my install was showing from 2 - 5 pm and that the tech would be there.  By 4:45, still no tech.  I was on hold for a long time on this call but the woman said that dispatch would call me back.  I waited until 6 and then packed up and left.  On my way home, I called again.  The person I spoke with tried to reschedule for today but was not able to do so.  I was told that I would be called for the reschedule.  Have I had a call yet?  What do you think?

Honestly, I do not have a problem with someone being late or delayed.  Sometimes you run into a situation that is far beyond what you expected and it takes time to resolve.  I would want the technician to show the same concern and care in getting my install correct, even if it took longer than planned.  What bothers me is the total disregard for my time and my schedule - if anyone had proactively contacted me and set appropriate expectations, I would not be so frustrated.  All I want to know is what to expect.  We shall see what happens today!

Today is the day to feel sorry for the City.  I'll be taking my drawing of the sidewalk closing in for them to review.  And no, my art skills have not improved in the slightest.  Those who know me well know that even with a ruler, I often cannot draw a straight line.


  1. oh, no. Sadness. I feel your pain. I finally got a roof but no air vents. Hopefully by the end of the week. Cable can be a pain to deal with. I'm with ya on the refund part! Stand up girl!

  2. Hi Valerie! Did you get your air vents? I hope so! Fortunately, Comcast came on Thursday (after I sadly lost my temper on Wednesday).