Thursday, March 31, 2011

Home Stretch

It has been a while since I've been a runner with any level of seriousness but I still remember how it felt when you entered that last mile or you could finally see the finish line in the distance!  You might be tired but you felt an exhilaration at knowing you were almost there!  Just like finishing a race, Zoe is almost there!

My mom was a great help to me today at the store.  We got there around 7:30 and went right to work.  Mom became an expert with the pricing gun!  We also started putting some organization around the cash wrap (still more to go) and setting up the full configuration of the Point of Sale computer, cash drawer, receipt printer, and barcode scanner.  I also needed to configure Zoe's "info" email account with Entourage on the Point of Sale computer.  We were constantly in motion!

As usual, everyone showed up almost at once!  The security system installer showed up and went to work (he knocked my wireless router in the floor which momentarily caused me some angst but it was fixed in short order).  Right behind him, my construction project manager arrived with the men to replace the mirror in the bathroom and the locksmith to change the locks.  It was quite a flurry of activity!

Just as the security system installer and the locksmith were finishing up, Janice called to let me know that she and her husband, Marshall, had found a potential "husband" chair for Zoe at Home Goods!  With the wonders of modern technology, they had taken pictures and uploaded them to Marshall's PhotoBucket account so I could see them!  From the pictures, it looked promising so I gave Janice the "thumbs up" to purchase it and bring it to the store!

Mom and I were starving so we were just leaving to grab a bite to eat when I saw the Code Administration Inspector's vehicle pull up.  We waited for him to come in to sign off on the final inspection on the signs (all passed!)  He did tell me that someone from the Board of Architectural Review may also come by to see them but from a Code standpoint, we were A-OK!

Janice and Marshall came by with the chair just as we finished up lunch!  It is ABSOLUTELY perfect for the space!  Some pictures:

After a few more organizational tasks at the store (and receiving the Visa/Mastercard stickers for the door in the mail!) we were off to Home Depot (my other home away from home - like City Hall).  Then to Jo-Ann Fabrics for some ribbon and fabric to line the case of the cash wrap.

Tomorrow:  Let's start merchandising!