Sunday, April 3, 2011

Almost Ready to Go!

It has been an amazing few days of transformation for "ready to be born" Baby Zoe!

On Friday, we were finally ready to merchandise the store - dress the mannequins,  configure all of the outrigger wall units, and put out the clothes.  My mom and I started early and friends Janice and Karen arrived soon after.  The first thing we did was dress the mannequins using the beautiful persimmon theme that seems to be so prominent for the spring fashions.

A rear view of the window

We also spent a lot of time merchandising the store:

Bags and Belts (Leatherock) and Scarves (Chan Luu)

Chan Luu and Velvet

More fun with belts!

Looking down on the shop from high atop a ladder in the front window

"New Baby" flowers from my friend Marche - aren't they gorgeous?

My mom did me the great honor of being my first customer and I rang up her sale on Saturday afternoon.  

One of my biggest challenges had been finding mirrors for the dressing rooms.  Jim and I went to Lowe's today after dropping my mom at the airport and I finally found what I needed at the right price!  With his expertise, we had them installed in no time flat.  

Since Comcast and Verizon are done torturing me (for now), I am now having what I call "Fun With FedEx".  On Friday morning when I checked my messages at the store, I had a call from a woman who lives in the Torpedo Factory Condominiums (at 130 North Union Street....Hmmmmm).  She said that she had seen a FedEx package sitting in their lobby with Zoe's (and my) name on it.  She was kind to buzz me in when I walked down to get it (it was new furnace filters for Zoe - one of the unglamorous packages I receive!)  What was really annoying was that the address clearly said 130 South Union Street!

Yesterday, when I arrived at the store, she had called again to let me know I had more packages!  She was out for the day yesterday but I called and left her a message today.  Jim and I ended up walking down there and found another building resident who allowed us to enter the lobby and pick up the packages - these were key pieces from the display company that I needed!  Once again, the address was correct but FedEx delivered them to the wrong location!  I will be making a call to FedEx in the morning!

With those packages in hand, Jim put together the final 2 way rack, fully assembled the pole for the steamer and we started on the shelf installations!  We've installed 3 two foot shelves and 2 4 foot shelves.    We found that the shelf supports for the 4 foot shelves aren't notched correctly so Jim will take a jigsaw to those to fix them so the 4 foot shelves won't bow.  I also received more hangers!

Tomorrow and Tuesday will be "finalization" days.  I'm planning to open Zoe to the public on Wednesday!


  1. So exciting! Can't wait to stop by for a visit and see it in person. Congratulations!

  2. I heard about your shop from my friend Betsey Hoey.
    Sounds fabulous. Good luck with Fed Ex and good job to Jim too! He sounds very helpful and handy:-)

  3. Susan, I am so excited for you and cannot wait to visit your store!!!!! Congratulations!!!
    Mary Jane

  4. Thanks for all of the encouragement! I can't wait for you to come by to visit!