Friday, April 15, 2011

What a Difference the Weather Makes

Tuesday and Wednesday were definitely "icky" weather days here in Alexandria.  Cold, windy, and rainy. As you can imagine, it really cuts down on foot traffic as well.  Although I continue to meet wonderful people (both local residents and visitors), there were less of them on those days.

Thursday started sunny and warm.  I walked to City Hall prior to opening to get approval for the temporary sign for the Grand Opening (Done!)  As I walked back to the shop, I knew it was going to be a gorgeous day!

Before opening is when I get most of my "work" done.  This morning, I attended a meeting of the Alexandria Convention and Visitors Association across the street at Union Street Public House.   It was a great session where we learned more about different associations working within Alexandria as well as upcoming large events that will bring a number of people to visit in the area.  It is also a great opportunity to meet my fellow business owners and others in the hospitality industry.

With all of the wind and rain earlier in the week, I've been fighting the pollen, blossom, and seed wars!  On Wednesday, I think I swept out the store no less than 10 times!  Zoe must be pollen central!

I've continued to do work to get word on Zoe out to the local community.  The website "Old Town Alexandria Patch" approved my submission to include my site and they are sending a representative to visit with me today to discuss potential advertising opportunities.  I also met with the editor of the Alexandria Times and purchased an ad to appear in every other issue through early August.  As part of the purchase, Zoe will be featured in a special advertising article called "Shop Around The Corner".

Sadly, I witnessed a car get towed on Wednesday morning.  The Parking Enforcement officer wrote a ticket and then called in a tow truck.  I have no idea what would cause them to tow a car unless the owner had multiple tickets or some other violation no evident to me.  It took the tow truck driver a long time to get the car hooked up.  All I could think about was what to say to the owner if he/she came into the shop looking for their car!  Just as he had hoisted the car up and was getting ready to pull away, the owner came running down the street.  She tried to persuade the driver and the parking enforcement officer to unhook the car but to no avail.  It was towed away.

I finally received the bolts for the display table on Thursday morning.  During a period of quiet in the store, I put it together (I am the queen of the Allen wrench).  It looks so pretty!  I've placed some hooded sweaters on it as well as a table top mannequin wearing a gorgeous one-should Tracy Reese top.  The top just doesn't look as impressive on the hanger and once it was on the model, I had people asking about it!  I also placed the Woodies hatbox filled with Fussy Frog Stationary on the table too!  I am very happy with how it turned out.

More Rebecca Taylor arrived yesterday and I was able to put it out onto the floor immediately!  One of the items sold within 2 hours of first being put on the floor!  That was a first for me!

Excited about the upcoming day and weekend!


  1. Queen of the Allen Wrench made me laugh. You know, that's a marketable skill! You can hire yourself out on the side to put together IKEA furniture. ;)


  2. Juice, it is an awesome skill to have. Although I must defer to friends Janice and Karen as the ultimate IKEA assemblers. The work they did with my desk was nothing short of amazing!

    Although I do have such a collection of Allen Wrenches now that I may open a hardware store on the side!!