Sunday, April 10, 2011

Zoe's First Weekend

What a difference a day makes!  Saturday was gloomy, damp, and chilly.  Sunday (afternoon) was warmer, sunny, and pleasant!  I find I'm paying a LOT more attention to the weather these days!

I continued to have a lot of lovely visitors to Zoe over the two days.   I love meeting new people and I am having lots of opportunity to do so!  I've been sharing the ResortMaps with out of town visitors and am so glad that I have them as a resource.  It is always so much easier to show someone something rather than try to explain it!

I had forgotten to mention that friends Janice and Karen stopped by with a fabric sample on Friday afternoon.  We've decided to put a pretty fabric curtain in front of the area where the wheelchair lift is housed.  If someone needs to use the lift, we can tie it back so that it is not in the way.  The sample was perfect (they have such good instincts on these things!) and I gave them the thumbs up to purchase it.  Karen will sew the curtains after Jim installs a rod (so we can know how long they need to be).

So, I have a confession.  I had put one of my Chan Luu bracelets on (to show a customer how it looked/worked).  I forgot that I had it on and wore it home on Saturday night.  I told Jim "I think I just shoplifted from myself."  I made sure it was returned to its rightful place today!

Today I had visits from neighbors Mike and Maggie and my friend Martha.  It was so good to see them! I am convinced that Mike and Maggie brought the sun out with them - I told them not to let it leave when they left the store!  And friend Janice came by to help too (after running the GW Parkway Classic in the morning - she is amazing!)

As you can imagine, I am standing quite a bit of the time these days.  The challenge is finding comfortable shoes for all of that standing.  When I was at DSW a few weeks ago, I purchased three pairs of shoes that I thought might be comfortable for spring/summer in the store.  On Saturday, I wore the Dr. Scholls sandals for the first time.  They are AMAZING!  I was on my feet for over 8 hours and they did not hurt at all when I got home!  I have to go back to see if they have then in any other colors!

Tomorrow is my first day off!  (Zoe is closed on Mondays unless someone makes an appointment for me to be open, which I would happily do).  Time to get the hair done and the grocery shopping done!  I'll probably go in for a short while in the afternoon to finish up some paperwork.  It is hard to believe that Zoe is 5 days old!


  1. I wish that "stolen" bracelet would have set off an alarm when you tried to leave with it! That would have been really funny! Sounds like all is going well. You're awesome!

  2. Sounds like it was a great weekend! How funny that you've already experienced shrink (although I'm glad you caught it!). ;) Do tell more about the sandals - what model did you get? I'm always on the lookout for comfy / stylish shoes.

  3. Cary, that would have been hilarious! At least it would have saved me the "Oops" moment I had when I got home and started changing clothes!

    Juice, here is a link to the shoes -

    I got them in black.

  4. I was just going to ask which sandals you got. I like them!