Monday, April 11, 2011

First Day Off

Today was my first day off since I opened the store.  As some friends used to say about vacation "I think I need to go back to work to recover from my day off!"

It was a busy, busy day!  I did sleep in (a little).  I finished writing thank you notes to the people who had made purchases yesterday and packaged up a dress to send to my friend Michelle in NC (to see if she likes it for the author photo for her book!)  I dropped everything at the Post Office and then made a Walmart run.  Before I knew it, it was time for my hair appointment.  Then to Trader Joe's and Giant for the weekly grocery shopping.  After unloading, it was off to the store for a while.

With the HVAC issues still on-going, it was probably good that I wasn't open today!  With the door staying closed, the store was reasonable temperature-wise.  But I can't imagine what it might have been like with the door open all day!  I spent most of the time back in the office, working on paperwork and making phone calls.

Two key phone calls - one to Comcast to protest that they didn't give me a credit on my first bill for all of my pain and suffering during the install (fortunately, they understood my plight and gave me a credit).  Second to the Display company to follow-up on the status of the bolts for the table I received last week.  Turns out NONE of the tables they received had any hardware!  And since they come from overseas, there isn't an opportunity to ask that they be sent quickly!  They determined what was needed and have sent them to me (UPS this time) to arrive on Tuesday.

During some lulls between customers on Saturday, I had gone through the software manual and made notes of things that weren't covered or that I didn't yet know how to do.  I decided to call today to ask those questions as I don't want to be making those sorts of calls when customers are in the store.  Wouldn't you know that while I was up front at the point of sale computer, two separate women came up to the door within 10 minutes of each other?  I unlocked it and asked them to come in and apologized for how I looked (not looking overly fashionable in a Hyperion t-shirt and Lilly Pulitzer skirt with no make-up).  I hope someday to be able to be open on Mondays as well but am not yet ready to make that leap!

On Saturday, the very nice lady from the Condos at 130 N. Union Street brought me some information on her tailor and cards for Presto Valet (on Quaker Lane).  She recommends them highly for alterations and thought I may want to share that information with any customers who did not already have a preferred tailor.  I have definitely felt a very warm welcome from the community!

And on Sunday, we had our first two four legged visitors to the store!  Meatball is a boxer and Theo is a mix.  People love their dogs in Old Town!


  1. I just want to second the recommendation on Presto Valet. I use them for all of our dry cleaning and alterations and they are great!

    Susan-It was see you at Zoe for the first many visits to come! You have created a wonderful shop.

  2. Thanks, Martha! Your recommendation means a great deal! I know they've been in business for a long time and knowing people who think highly of them is icing on the cake!

    It was great to see you on Sunday!