Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Little Details (and One Slightly Big One)

Yesterday was all about the little details at Zoe.  My first stop was at the bank, to make sure everything was ready to go as far as deposits and cash.  My bank has thus far been very easy to work with and I hope that same level of customer service continues!

I finally took all of my files to the store and spent time making up new ones.  I have completely outgrown my current file box and need to get a second one or invest in a small file cabinet.  I never would have imagined when I started this that I would have so many different vendors!

I also created binders for the cash wrap area and my office.  I still have additional work to do but I have the essentials in place to get me started for opening day.  I called my credit card company to make sure I was clear on all of the processing requirements and capabilities.  I've been getting a TON of calls from other credit card processing houses, trying to sell me their services.  The only thing I can imagine is that once my listing went live (for the phone number), they descended like vultures!  I totaled 11 calls yesterday!  I think they are now getting the hint that I already have a credit card processor!

Janice and Karen came in the afternoon to help with more steaming (Karen is the Steam Queen!) and changing out the hangers (my wooden ones arrived in the shipment Jim and I picked up on Sunday).  Janice and I also did some additional merchandising (now that I have the full complement of racks) and placed the earrings on the earring trees for display.  They are the best helpers anyone could ask for!

Heh - and now for the big detail.  I had noticed that I could not get the fan to come on with my HVAC system.  When the construction foreman did his final walk-through on Friday, I told him that I thought that someone had disabled something during construction.  He called the HVAC company and they came out on Monday.  Turns out that the system is down for the count - there will need to be a new HVAC system installed for Zoe.  Fortunately, our weather here is pretty mild right now - not too hot or too cold.  Hopefully they can get it in sooner rather than later.

Jim and I went back to the store after dinner last night so that he could work on the shelf supports for the 4 foot shelves.  He did some evaluation and some basic work and now knows what he needs to do as far as next steps.  He also did some touch up paint work where we had dinged up the walls during installation of the wall systems.  I worked on preparing Zoe's Open/Closed/Private/Hours signs.

Tomorrow is opening day!  I have a few minor things to take care of today but I think I'm ready for this big "Go Live".  I've really enjoyed sharing this journey with you.  I'll still continue to post about what it is like in the first year of business but it may not be as frequent as my project posts.  Thank you for all of your love, encouragement and support as you've followed my experience!


  1. Susan - Thinking about you tomorrow on Opening Day of Zoe! Hope all goes well! Much love ~ Michelle

  2. Awesome! I'll be thinking about you tomorrow! Congratulations!

  3. Good luck tomorrow! I think Sally and I are going to try and come in on Friday-- when we're as kid-free as we get. Can't wait!

  4. Thank you, everyone! Looking forward to seeing you and Sally on Friday, Jamie!

  5. Congratulations, Susan! I finally found your blog only to find out you were opening today - what great news. The very best to you.

  6. Congratulations, Susan! Wow, what a journey and it's far from over! Can't wait to hear how your opening day went.