Saturday, April 9, 2011

After Three Days

So much to report!

One delivery I forgot to mention on Wednesday was the arrival of Zoe's business cards, stationary, and contact cards!  They have been put to immediate good use!  I've been handing out the cards to visitors who are interested in the store as well as including them with some of the thank you notes I've been writing with Zoe's stationary.  And I've had a number of people fill out the contact cards!  They all go perfectly with the brand!

I received a beautiful flower arrangement from friend Michelle in NC on Friday!  The flowers match the colors of Zoe's Velvet Persimmon and Melon wall and look so pretty on the cash wrap desk.  And I've had a number of visitors from local business owners and people who live and work in the area.  It is so much fun meeting everyone!

The weather has been all over the place here in the DC area this week!  Thursday was gorgeous (around 70) and sunny.  Friday was rainy and chilly (40s and 50s).  I try to keep the door propped open as much as possible so that people know that Zoe is open and feel welcome to come in!  I'm looking forward to getting back to Thursday's weather!

We have continued to have sales every day, which is wonderful!  It is such a great learning experience for me to see what people like and buy.  And I love seeing the clothes on people!  Friend Jamie tried on a Frenzii dress that I had just received on Wednesday.  It looked gorgeous on her - more so than it did on the model in the picture!  She is planning to wear it for her Easter dress!

Friend Amy took a half day off and came down from Columbia to visit and do some shopping.  She bought a stunning LiaMolly sweater (Kimono style).  I feel so blessed to have such love and enthusiasm from my friends!  (Plus she took a picture of Griff, the mascot that the COPT FP&A team gave me as a parting gift - he "supervises" me from a perch in the storage room).

Of all of the lines I have in the store, only two have not sold any items.  For one of them, I did a targeted Facebook ad that will be available for the next month.  I targeted those people in the area who already "Like" the brand who may be looking for a place to buy the current spring line.  With Facebook, you pay based on the number of clicks on your ad and can set a limit on how much you want to spend over the time period.  I'll be curious to see how effective it will be!

I'm in the process of planning the grand opening to take place April 29- May 1!  I have submitted the "event" to the Alexandria Convention and Visitors Association website as well as contacted Affordable Signs and Banners for a grand opening banner.  I'm working on other targeted advertising as well.  I'll also have more clothing and jewelry coming in during the month of April so I'll have lots of stock for the grand opening!  I can't wait!

People have been very kind and complimentary about the store and the clothing selection.  That is so nice!  Since I bought the majority of it last October (the market for Spring clothes), I hoped that I would have relevant product for this market.

On to Day Four!


  1. Thanks again, Susan, I love my dress. I've been going over and over in my head all the belt/shoes/jewelry combinations I can do with that dress! And when I showed it to my husband, he commented that he thought I'd get a lot of wear out of it!

  2. I am so glad you like it Jamie! And I can't wait to see the combinations you pair with it! I'm glad Clay liked it too!