Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Steamer

Oh, how I love my Jiffy Steamer!  On Monday, I received the Summer shipment of Velvet.  Of course, they package it so that they can ship as much as possible in the smallest box possible.  I unpacked everything on Tuesday and hung it up to shake the wrinkles out.  This morning, I steamed the pieces.  The wrinkles just fall right out!  Now they are ready to price and put out on the floor.

Some days I get more people trying to sell me things than I get regular customers!  Sometimes it goes very well and sometimes, um, not so well.  Two examples:

A Sales Visit Goes Well:

A young man walked into my store last week from a company called Lighting Resources Inc.   They are based close by (between here and Mount Vernon).  He gave me a price on the compact fluorescent bulbs that I have in the store and told me to contact them if I needed anything.  Later that day, I noticed that I had a burned out spotlight (they are halogen bulbs) and a burned out CFL.  I emailed him and asked for pricing on the halogen bulbs.  He got back to me by the end of the day and I ordered replacement bulbs from him.

He delivered the bulbs the next day at the time he committed to do so and asked if I had a ladder.  He then proceeded to install them for me (I was going to have Jim come to the store to do it the next morning).  I told him he was excellent with his customer service!  I'm a very happy customer and I will do repeat business with them.

A Sales Visit Does Not Go Well:

Another young man walked into my store yesterday.  He was carrying a Verizon clipboard.  (Anyone have that sense of foreboding yet?)  He asked me if I was happy with their service.  I then explained to him (in an amazingly calm voice, believe it or not) that I was not a Verizon customer.  He asked what happened and I told him.  A friend who I shared this with was shocked that I didn't throw him out of the store.  I explained that time heals all wounds.  At the end, he freely admitted that if all of that had happened to him, he would have canceled his order too!

Hard to believe the Grand Opening is 2 days away!

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