Friday, April 22, 2011

Repeat Customer

I was very excited to have my first repeat customer at Zoe yesterday!  She had been in to purchase an item last week and came back to buy something else!  That was fun!

In all of my crankiness about the various installation contractors, I wanted to make sure to say something very nice about the contractor who replaced the HVAC system in the space yesterday.  We had agreed that I would meet them here at 7 so they could get a good start before I had customers in the store.  They arrived shortly after 7 and covered Zoe's floors nicely prior to taking out the old unit and bringing the new one in.  They were all very polite, hard-working, and did the job with very minimal noise and disruption.  And they were done by 2 pm!  As much as this work needed to be done, I had really been dreading it because it could have been horribly disruptive.  But it was not at all.  By far the best contractors that have been in the space.

I also had a lovely visit from friend Betsey yesterday.  Although we keep in touch via Facebook and Christmas cards, we had not had a chance to catch up face to face for a long time!

I will admit to being a little frustrated with the bulbs (lighting) supplied for the store.  I've already had 2 of the 3 spotlights fail and one of the compact fluorescents.  As luck would have it, a lighting salesman stopped by yesterday.  I'm planning to order some bulbs from him that have a much longer life/warranty.  My big frustration is that I really don't have the lights on for long periods of time - just while I am here at the store (I do not leave them on overnight).  They shouldn't be burning out this quickly!

The weather was so beautiful and temperate yesterday afternoon that even more people than normal were out walking their dogs.  The owner of Appleseed Maternity here in Old Town came in to visit with her dogs and her daughter!  It was very nice to meet her and she was very welcoming of the business to Old Town!

This morning, I completed the 2010 Personal Property Tax Return for the City of Alexandria.  Since I registered my business with the City in 2010 and I had purchased assets as part of the business, I am potentially liable for Personal Property Taxes.  I confirmed my total with Accountant Joe and am mailing the form today (it is due May 2nd).

The construction company brought in an electrician to check the water heater this morning.  They confirmed that everything is fine electrically but it may have an issue with the element.  A determination will need to be made as to what to do next.

Today is Good Friday.  What an important day in our lives as Christians.  I remain so thankful to God for sending His Son to us here on earth.  I can't imagine life without Him!  Happy Easter to all!


  1. Yay for repeat customers! You must be doing something right!

  2. Thanks, Juice! It is really exciting when people come back!