Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Waiting for Something Big to Happen

Each day when I perform my afternoon "inspection" of Zoe's home, I am hoping for something BIG (in a good way) to have happened during the work day.  Imagine my delight when I walked in to find that they had started painting yesterday!  Sadly, my pictures do not do it justice (I need to take more than the camera on my phone with me)!

This is the Whisper (Gray) color on the East and West walls of the space. 

On the Cash Wrap side (facing East)

Not quite as many coats yet on the column

I had to take a picture of this so I could ask Jim what it is.  It is a pipe cutter.

I love my paint colors!  The blue trim will be painted over, by the way.

More cutting/pipe work for the water fountain.

I spent the morning working on accounting and point of sale activities.  I have to report any VA Payroll Tax withholding on a monthly basis.  Since no one is getting paid, this was an easy report!  I also "received" all of the items that I had entered into the point of sale system on Saturday.  AND I physically received my first shipment from Tracy Reese yesterday.  More point of sale work today!

I also had the chance to review pricing and options on Zoe's stationary and business cards as presented to me by Cori.  I remain in awe of her knowledge and expertise.  She had put bids out to three companies, one of which was my neighbor Mike's printing company.  I was very excited when his company came back with the best pricing as I had been hoping to work with him.  

I leave telecommunications to last on the list because I so want to be done with it and not talk about it anymore!  The fantastic news is that Comcast went out to do the site survey yesterday (approximately 24 hours after I had spoken with them to place the order).  I remain cautiously optimistic.  Sadly, the very nice young lady from Verizon who had promised to call me on Tuesday did call.  I had to tell her that I had canceled the order.  She is the only person I talked to there that actually sounded sad that they had lost me as a customer.  Too bad I couldn't have dealt with her for all of my Verizon transactions.


  1. Yay! Paint on the walls is a very BIG thing!

  2. Oh, Juice - it is! I think the ugly blue trim and the floor being such a mess are irking me now. I want BIG progress every day! (Not too greedy, am I?)