Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Zoe's Signs Have A New Home

After serving as the "sign model" in the Affordable Signs and Banners showroom for over a month, Zoe's signs have now taken up residence in their proper place at 130 South Union Street!  (Forgive my poor photography skills).

Prince Street Courtyard Sign

Union Street Sign

All of Zoe's signs (including the lettering on Union Street)

The sign installers were very efficient  - I had been told it would take 1-1/2 to 2 hours and they were done in 1-1/2 hours.  I've arranged for the sign inspector to come out from the City on Thursday to hopefully sign off on the signs.

It was another very busy day at Zoe.  A few remaining construction items (the shoe molding around the column, the final clean) took place yesterday.  Friends Janice and Karen came over and were pricing gun and steamer fiends!  The got their systems going and were flying through those tasks!  What a tremendous help they were!  

The only challenge that arose yesterday is that the remaining fixture order didn't ship on Monday as planned.  It shipped today (Wednesday).  I have asked for a Friday (rather than Monday) delivery but will work around it if necessary.  

Over the weekend, Cori had sent me the final items for Zoe's stationary and business cards for my approvals.  She then uploaded everything to the printing company's website for processing.  Neighbor Mike had Cori approve the proofs and then stopped by last night to show me how everything looked "in person".  They are absolutely beautiful!  We should know soon when all of those items will be delivered to the store.  (Likely sometime next week).

My mom has arrived and I'll be putting her to work at the store over the next few days!


  1. It looks awesome! This is very exciting!

  2. Susan:

    What a terrific adventure. Please send a blast when you open. I would love to bring some girlfriends and come shop for Spring!


  3. Susan - the chair is PERFECT! Love it. And your signs (all 3) look amazing! I'm so excited for you!!