Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Photo Shoot

On Tuesday afternoon, I received an email from a member of the editorial staff of a DC based magazine.  She had been given Zoe's information by a representative from the Alexandria Convention and Visitors Association.

The email told me that they were planning a photo shoot for the magazine this upcoming weekend and they were working with a local stylist to select the clothing for the shoot.  The editor asked if Zoe could provide clothing.  Well, of course!

I emailed with the editor and the stylist to confirm my interest.  The stylist came by on Wednesday afternoon and selected some pieces from the early spring/resort wear offerings at Zoe.  She confirmed that an associate editor would be by on Saturday to pick them up.

I enjoyed talking with and working with the stylist.  She had a strong retail background and it was clear that she was a pro.  She told me a little bit about the model who would be wearing the clothing so we could make sure we had the right sizing.  Just getting her feedback was great validation for me.  She selected items from Issa London, Rebecca Taylor, Alice & Trixie, and Mother Denim.  It was definitely a bright spot in a yucky, rainy day.  I'm not "naming names" in this post as I want to make sure it does come to fruition (meaning that Zoe does have clothing featured in the photo shoot).  So I'll definitely follow-up in the future to let you know the end result.

Next up:  My First George Mason Counseling Session

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