Thursday, January 19, 2012

Just Call Me Publicity Girl

I've been called a lot of things in my lifetime.  Some endearing, some complimentary, and some quite rude (and not for a family blog).  If I add "publicity girl" to the list, I guess that is definitely one of the better ones.

Lots of interesting things happen at Zoe in any given week.  And one of my continuing main areas of focus in 2012 is to make sure people know Zoe is here and what we have to offer.  As I've mentioned in previous posts, I follow my designers through social media and it is always exciting to have them mentioned in a positive way in a well-read publication.

Through one of one these posts, I discovered that Chan Luu's Breast Cancer Wrap Bracelets had been mentioned in the Washington Flyer (the free magazine available at National and Dulles airports).  This article led to discussions between me and author and ended up with Zoe (and my sartorial resolutions for the coming year) being featured on the website version of the Flyer for January/February.  You can read the article here (and I'm open to anyone who wants to buy me that gorgeous hat!)

And an update on the Photo Shoot!  The Assistant Editor of the magazine did pick up the clothing on Saturday morning.  The stylist returned the items on Monday and said that the shoot went well and we should know soon which pictures will make the magazine.  I'm continuing to hope that Zoe made the cut!  At least two of the items she selected appeared to have been worn.

Despite the fun of my publicity girl days, sometimes you still wonder about the purpose of it all.  A long time ago boss of mine once walked in my office and said "Have you added value today, Gerock?"  Although I got a good laugh at the time, I've thought about that statement a lot over the years.  And sometimes I do ask myself "Did I do anything of value today?"  A recent blog post by an highly regarded legislative/political consultant helped me realize that we sometimes "add value" without even realizing it.  Imagine my delight at finding two of my loves merged in one blog post - Zoe and the current political landscape!  You can read his post here.

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