Saturday, January 12, 2013

It Must Be The Month of Jewelry

It seems like so many of my December catch-up posts are all about jewelry!  And it is no surprise as we have great jewelry pieces at Zoe AND jewelry is a very popular gift for the holidays!

As I have posted before, every trunk show is different.  We kicked off a trunk show with Cayetano Legacy Collection on December 15th that was unique.  Rather than having the pieces for a day or a weekend, we would have them for 3 weeks! 

But let's back up - how did we get here (to quote David Byrne)?  In November, Zoe was contacted via Twitter by the local Cayetano rep to ask if we would be interested in a trunk show.  We met with the rep, Lauren, one Sunday afternoon at Zoe to see the pretty pieces and hear more about the line.  This wasn't a line we had carried previously at Zoe so we wanted to see if it would be a fit for our customer.  One look told us it would be a great offering for the holidays!

Lauren arranged to bring the pieces to Zoe on December 15th and set up a beautiful display on our round table.

She really brought some gorgeous, statement-type necklaces.  And they were reasonably priced!  Another bonus!  She also left us with some beautiful bags for the jewelry as well as a candle (that we gave away during a Facebook trivia giveaway - more on that in a future blog post!)

One of the things that made this trunk show unique was that we kept the pieces for 3 weeks.  It gave people lots of opportunity during the holiday season to see the items, rather than having them have to come out on a a single day.  For those who did come on the 15th, we had Baked by Melissa mini-cupcakes as well as our favorite prosecco (no cork this time - remember Fashion's Night Out)

We all loved the pieces and many of our customers visiting at the time did too!  Lauren came to collect the remaining pieces on January 6th.  What do you think?  Should we carry Cayetano year-round?

Next up:  Hayfield Fashion Show


  1. The Cayetano pieces were beautiful. I loved the colors and style.

  2. They truly are a statement - I admire people who can carry items like that off with style and panache. :)