Thursday, January 3, 2013

Scottish Christmas Walk Weekend and Dressing a Model

The Scottish Christmas Walk Weekend in Alexandria is a huge event!  It occurs on the first weekend of December every year and is coordinated by the talented members of the Junior Friends of the Campagna Center.  I wrote about the event last year on the blog.  Disclosure - I am a member of the Junior Friends.  But like Groucho Marx, I am always suspect of any organization that would have me as a member! :)

I was a little anxious about being out of town over that weekend but knew that Zoe was in good hands with Tara and Alexandra.  A week or two earlier, I had been asked (through a large group email) if the store would be willing to provide clothing for models who would be having their pictures taken during the weekend for publicity shots for the Alexandria Convention and Visitors Bureau.  I hadn't heard anything and assumed that they had gone in a different direction.  Just before the weekend was upon us, I got an email saying that the stylist for the shoot would like to work with Zoe!

Tara does an excellent job of helping people find clothing that works for them.  So I knew I could tell her the plan and leave it in her capable hands.  The stylist and model arrived on Saturday morning as planned and Tara helped them selected the perfect outfit.

I LOVE this outfit - some of my favorite designers are represented - the Velvet vest, the Rebecca Taylor top, and the Red Engine jeans complete a great look! 

It is such a passion of mine that people support the locally owned stores of Old Town. So whenever I have a chance to support local advertising or promotions initiatives, I love to do it.  And I must confess, I love seeing Zoe's clothing "in print"! 

Next Up:  Our Second Annual ADMK Trunk Show


  1. Big props to a model who is not a size 0!!

  2. Juice, I was so pleased also! So often people come into Zoe and say "Oh, all your clothes are for little people like you." Not true! It is great to be able to dress beautiful women of all sizes!