Saturday, July 30, 2011

Advertising and Other Odds and Ends

I've written before about the difficult decisions about where to spend my advertising dollars.   A couple months ago, I made a decision to spend my Fall advertising dollars with DC Magazine.   When I met with Sales Exec Kristin, I was impressed with the product and their proposal for my advertisements.

Recently, their Creative Director was in touch with me to prepare the elements of my first ad.  She asked me to provide a copy of my logo as well as a picture of something that would be sold in the store in the Fall.  Yesterday, I got the proof for the ad and I was blown away.  It was absolutely gorgeous.  Just as I felt when I saw Zoe's final logo from Cori and saw Zoe Girl from Lisa, I knew that this was "it".  I can't wait to share it with you.  (And for you to see the gorgeous piece that is in the ad!)

In the Odds and Ends classification, I added two new toys to the toy basket - a See and Say and one of the Write/Draw boards that erases.  The toy basket seems to be a hit thus far!  Moms, I am still looking for more suggestions!

Last Saturday, a wasp flew into the store and got tangled in my hair.  Let me be the first to say that I do not like stinging insects.  I've been stung once (playing football with my brother many years ago) and I am really hoping it never happens again.  A couple on the sidewalk got quite a show when I ran out of the store trying to shake the wasp out of my hair (the humiliation was worth it - I didn't get stung).

I will confess that I sometimes dance to the music in the store when no one is here.  Is that wrong?

Although the weather is definitely not cooperating, I am really enjoying opening all of the boxes containing the Fall items.  In one that arrived yesterday, I had such a beautiful bulky sweater that I just had to put it in the back - I don't think anyone is going to look at it any time soon!  Although I don't like cold weather, it made me long for cooler days when sweaters are appropriate!

I'm off to NY for Market on Monday!


  1. I recently put on a similar show for the neighbors when I had a spider on me!

    Can't wait for cooler fall temperatures as well. :)

  2. Juice, I'm slowly reaching the point where I just have no shame about things like that! I can deal with about any other creepy crawly thing but not stinging bugs!

    Remind me that I posted that I wanted cooler weather when I start complaining in November!