Friday, June 10, 2011

Connecting People

One of the things I always loved doing in previous jobs is connecting people with other people they should know.  Having a good network of people with a variety of interests, talents, and experiences makes everyone involved better.

On Wednesday morning, I was meeting with a Fashion Account Executive from DC Magazine.  We were discussing Zoe, the magazine, and opportunities for publicity and advertising.  Our meeting extended slightly beyond the planned time and my next appointment arrived.  If you have not yet been introduced to Inslee Haynes, you are missing out.  She does beautiful fashion watercolors which she turns into stationary and prints.  Inslee is going to do some illustrations for Zoe and came to meet me and see the store.  Since her prints and stationary are being sold and marketed to the same clientele as that of DC Magazine (and their parent company Modern Luxury) having the two of them meet was perfect!

Speaking of connections, I've now had several people come into the store that said that someone else told them about it.  Some as a result of the posting on the Old Town Moms listserv and others from the hair salon and spa down the street.  I gave some of my cards to one of the stylists there yesterday so that she could keep them at her station and provide them to anyone who may be interested.


  1. Inslee does beautiful work. And I love her name! Juice

  2. I agree with both of your comments, Juice! She is a really neat young lady.