Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dedication Ceremony

On Monday evening, my landlord held a Dedication Ceremony for their new association headquarters.  They had moved into their space in mid-March, just before I moved into Zoe's space.

The event took place both inside and outside their headquarters building.  In preparation for the event, they redid the landscaping on the terrace outside Zoe's space and also refurbished and started up the fountain!  My friend Janice commented on Sunday that not many boutiques are located in such a pretty garden-like atmosphere!

Some pictures:

The Fountain


Looking Toward Prince/Union Intersection

The event started with a prayer by an Episcopalian minister.  The CEO of my landlord's association then spoke, followed by the head of their Board of Directors, the head of the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce and the Mayor of Alexandria.  Then, a HUGE pair of scissors was brought out and the official ribbon cutting took place!

It was a beautiful evening so people were able to walk freely from inside to outside.  Lots of talk about the plans for the waterfront here in Alexandria, during the speeches and during the individual discussions that followed.  Since we are so close by, it is definitely a topic of interest to all of us.

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