Friday, June 17, 2011

Our Small World

Although you would think that I wouldn't be surprised by much of anything anymore, I'm still amazed at what a small, connected world we really are.

Last week, I had a customer and a toddler in my store.  As she and I were talking as she shopped, she told me that her husband's family owned a small chain of boutiques.  When I asked the name, she told me South Moon Under!   I have to admit I was pretty blown away because a) I really like the fun vibe of their stores and b) I was shocked that she would be shopping anywhere else!  She told me that the stores started out as a single surf shop in the late 60s and morphed into their current configuration as the owner determined what customers wanted.

And that really fits with what I'm learning about the store.  I know the store will continue to change as I learn more about my customer's needs and wants.  I've already learned some great lessons about sizing, colors, and price points.  A good friend told me before I started that the end picture may look different from the starting picture.  As long as I can remain flexible and continue to learn, Zoe can continue to grow and flourish.

In another small world incident, I signed on to my standard "info" email address for the store about a week and a half ago.  A young woman in San Diego had found out (most likely from a blog) that I would be carrying a line of handbags from Alexandra Satine.  She asked in her email if she could order a bag through me.  After working with Alexandra and the customer, she made the purchase from me this week.  Alexandra is bringing the bag when she comes for the trunk show on Saturday and I will ship it out to the customer next week!  It definitely makes me think about what it will be like when I do take Zoe to the eCommerce world!


  1. Wow - if she was shopping at your store you must be doing something right! :)

    I'm curious to hear about how you have adjusted your sizing, colors, and price points. Details? Juice

  2. Juice, I'm finding I need to stock more of the larger sizes as I am selling out of them more quickly and their seems to be an overall greater demand for them. I have also found that just about anything blue sells VERY well, which is very interesting - i have sold out of so many of my blue items. I'm continuing to try to make a good judgement on prices, stocking things that are going to sell (ideally at the full price) but that will also allow me to make enough money to pay my rent and other bills. I do think that people like the way that I've merchandised the store but I also need to make sure that it isn't a museum (looking but not touching/buying).