Monday, June 6, 2011


Ok, so it isn't exactly tomorrow.  But I still need to tell you the sewing story.

One of the Chan Luu dresses in the store is made of a very delicate fabric.  Accordingly, the tag was sewn into the fabric with one stitch each.  Over the course of people trying on this particular dress, the tag came off (I actually found it in the dressing room one evening).  Knowing that the tag needed to be in the dress, I decided to sew it on myself.

Let me be the first to say that the words "Domestic Goddess" are not on anyone's lips when they speak of me.  I had to look around the house to find a needle and thread and finally found a sewing kit that I had picked up during one of my many travels.  Since the dress is gray (and this kit had a gray thread), I was set.  

I was so proud of myself - here I had everything I needed and I was going to fix the tag!  Little did I know it would take me 20 minutes just to thread the needle!  Once that was done, I was able to reattach the tag with fairly limited fanfare (although my knot-tying skills are also in question - no wonder I ask the far more talented people in my life to do these things!)

On the list of things to do - get some true sewing supplies for instances just like this (and some much easier to thread needles).

On a side note, I had my annual eye exam today.  Although you wouldn't know it from my needle-threading experience, the doctor said my vision had improved a bit and I was not showing the typical over-40 symptoms of losing my close-up vision.  I asked her what on earth would have caused my vision to improve.  She said she believed it is because I'm now no longer staring at a computer screen all day that my eyes are under far less strain.  A very happy side benefit to the career change!


  1. Yay for improved vision! Juice

  2. Thanks, Juice! How often does one get good news like that at a doctor's appointment?