Friday, June 24, 2011

Tourist Season

In writing the business plan for Zoe, I took into account that Old Town Alexandria is a tourist destination.  In just the past two weeks, I've had the opportunity to meet a number of tourists at the store.

Many of the visitors have come from the Midwestern states - Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Michigan.  Most are here either on business or they have traveled with someone here on business.  And they really seem to enjoy the DC area and especially Alexandria.  And, even more exciting (to me), they enjoy shopping at Zoe!

I learn a great deal from them as well.  Yesterday, a mother and daughter visiting from Michigan had just finished a food tour of Alexandria!  I had no idea there was such a thing!  I ask lots of questions since I am often asked about fun things to do by out of town visitors.  The tour had finished up at Old Town Coffee, Tea, and Spice (located in the 200 block of South Union Street).  As they walked up the street, they saw Zoe and decided to come in to shop!

Last week, a couple from Kansas City came in the store.  The female half of the couple tried on a necklace and liked it very much.  She and her husband were considering it as a gift for a relative.  They left without purchasing it.  Within an hour, the phone rang and the lady told me that she wanted the necklace and could I hold it for her?  And they returned shortly thereafter and she bought it for herself!  She wore it out of the store and I could tell she was very happy with her purchase.  (She confessed that she made the decision over a glass of wine!)

Earlier this week, I had a mother/daughter from Oklahoma who had accompanied the daughter's son on a trip to DC.  While he was out with the school tour group, they were shopping!  The daughter had a passion for denim and had fun trying on the two brands I carry at Zoe.  She is able to wear denim to work and is always on the lookout for the latest releases.  She ended up purchasing a pair of the Mother jeans that I recently stocked in the store.  She told me she has over 40 pairs of jeans in her closet!

One thing I love about the job is all the interesting people that I meet!


  1. I want to take a Food Tour. Too bad they don't do them on Mondays or we could go together!

  2. I agree, Renee! It sounded like so much fun - I could tell they had really enjoyed it! We'll have to look for one that does it on Mondays!