Saturday, June 18, 2011

Excitement in Old Town

While I consider the little piece of the world that I occupy in Old Town during the day to be fairly interesting/exciting, things got very exciting on Friday!

I was working with a customer when a woman walked into my store and said "President Obama is going to have lunch across the street at Union Street Public House."  I will admit, I laughed and didn't believe her.  I continued working with the customers and I rang them up and they left.  Interestingly enough, I did take time to look across the street and saw that there were a number of large SUVs parked on the opposite of Union Street (where parking is not permitted).  Interesting, but I'm still not convinced.

I check Zoe's Twitter account, which follows fashion accounts and local Alexandria government and information accounts.  The Old Town Alexandria Patch account says that President Obama and Vice President Biden will be dining at Union Street Public House today.  Hmmm.

But I'm still skeptical.  Obviously, someone important is over there.  But if it were the President, wouldn't they likely have someone in my store and have possibly closed me, since I have a directly line of sight to the door?  A crowd is gathering on the sidewalk and on the terrace where Zoe is located.  Secret Service members are definitely there and they are wanding anyone who wants to go into the restaurant.  Rumors abound through members of the crowd out on the terrace - "It's Sarah Palin!  It's former Rep. Weiner (eww!)"

After a bit of a wait, I see two young, familiar looking girls emerge - Malia and Sasha.  And then immediately after, Michelle Obama.  I knew she was tall but she is very tall in person.  Sadly, they did not come shopping at Zoe but instead hopped in the SUVs and left.  No sign of President Obama or Vice President Biden.  The crowd dispersed and our afternoon went back to quiet.

I had my planned conversation all ready had they come into Zoe - about supporting policies to help the small business owner!  Maybe next time!


  1. Clearly Michelle was in a hurry, otherwise Zoe would have been her next stop!

  2. Juice, I agree completely! I carry Tracy Reese, one of the brands she has been seen wearing. I have the perfect dress for her! :)